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WoolfX v4.2.3.0


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WoolfX v4.2.3.0

Pro trade and e-marketing tools
Now, you can filter 50 thousand WhatsApp numbers in just 3 minutes !! Even if the channel is still new 😮 you can send 2000 messages daily (the old numbers) by company name, and 1000 messages for the new numbers with the guarantee of retrieving the subscription 💵💰 in case your number was banned 😎
Not only that, the program enables you to publish and promote your ads (product / commodity/ service /skill /shop /project opening /real estate /event /important event /activity /YouTube channel /page /website /forum /application /program ..), It is a freelancer project and open source of income, without limits, unlike the job, and contributes to increasing your sales, your audience, your followers, and the views and visitors of your channel /page /videos.
All areas of e-commerce and marketing are summed up by the WoolfX Program, specially with Affiliate Marketing, and it contributes to the provision of funded advertising money. It can also be used to create a dedicated audience to strengthen the results of the funded advertisement and improve targeting.
In addition to that it facilitates and organizes work on communication sites, and saves a lot of time, work and effort. You can start where the others ended, depending on your field. Reach and communicate with each individual customer / fan separately !! 😮
Eliminate the boundaries of space and time, not to mention the zero risk of a project like this. It enables you to bypass the conditions imposed on some jobs such as a specific education certificate, language, age, specific clothing … etc.
“If you cannot create a source of income that earns you even while you are asleep, you will remain a slave of the job, restricted by your salary.” You will not find a way to earn you money even while you are sleeping 😮 Like WoolfX, make the laptop not only distract you, but skip it, and know to use this program according to your field, we work to make you the best.
📍Important note📍
The program is 100% legal and secure on accounts on social sites, and no use outside the law is permitted.
Multi Accounts Sending Unlimited Messages
Anti Block Module
Save Mode Module
Sleep Control after X amounts of messages
Connection Speed control
auto generator Spintax
tag name _ full name – last name – first name  random tag
auto generator end messages
Delay Between message Auto –
Account switcher
Add unlimited Account
Fetch friends
Fetch posts
fetch comments
fetch post liker
group members
and more
█ Program price
(one-time payment without Lifetime License points including updates)
150 USD,

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WoolfX v4.2.3.0
WoolfX v4.2.3.0


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